The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI began conducting research on marine mammals ecology and behaviour from its creation in 2005.

In addition to the marine mammals research activities of the BDRI, the institute also undertakes a rigorous educational programme throughout the year. It is actively involved with volunteers, colleges and universities – providing work experience opportunities, internship positions and university project placements for Bachelors and Masters students throughout the year.


The BDRI has enjoyed a wide range of partnerships/collaborations over the past 10 years, including, though not exhaustively, the following relationships:


- Ongoing studies about cetacean distribution and abundance on Galician coastal waters with the non-governmental organization and national networking for marine mammals research CEMMA (Coordinadora para o estudio dos mamíferos mariños). This collaboration also includes studies incorporating incidental strandings records, necropsies from dead cetaceans, dietary analysis and clinical findings supporting visual observations at sea. 


- Ongoing studies about cetacean distribution and abundance in the Arabian Gulf (Abu Dhabi waters) with the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi (UAE). Established in 1996, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) is committed to protecting and enhancing air quality, ground water as well as the biodiversity of Abu Dhabi desert and marine ecosystem. BDRI researchers participate in cooperation with the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi since 2014, for the first time in Abu Dhabi waters, in a research project in order to obtain accurate data on population estimate, distribution, potential threats and residence patterns of dolphin species observed in coastal waters of Abu-Dhabi (UAE). Moreover the BDRI's chief biologist, Mr. Bruno Diaz Lopez works as research consultant and provides professional training in marine mammal research techniques for the members of the Environmental Agencie of Abu Dhabi. The final purpose of this project is to inform and improve the design of conservation and management interventions towards these species in Abu-Dhabi waters.


- Providing specialist training and advice during field research courses for the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


-MPhil, MRes and Bachelor Science studentships co-supervised in collaboration with the Universities of: Bremen, Kiel (Germany), Vienna, Bodenkultur (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), Santiago de Compostela, Autónoma de Barcelona, Internacional de Barcelona (Spain), Harvard, Princenton, Chicago, Cornell (USA), Institut Universitaire Euro-péen de la Mer, Pierre et Marie Curie, Jean Monnet, Claude-Bernard-Lyon I (France), Van Hall Larestein, Radboud, Wageningen (Netherland), La Sapienza, Milano, Padova, Bologna, Messina, Torino, Sassari, Tor Vergata, Pavia, Roma Tre (Italy), Haifa (Israel), Plymouth, Aberdeen, Bangor, Cork, Edinburgh (UK), Lund (Sweden), Zulia Maracaibo (Venezuela).

BDRI researchers address a wide range of questions to form a multi-dimensional picture of the marine mammals behaviour and ecology and its relationship to the rest of the planet, including human society. The BDRI research has a multidisciplinary approach where we currently focus on four main research projects:



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