Bioacoustics research provides important insights into animal behavior. Dolphins (family: Delphinidae) are an extremely vocal mammalian family and vocal communication plays an important role in mediating social interactions. Most BDRI studies of delphinid vocalizations have concentrated on bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus (in the Mediterranean, Italy, and in the Atlantic Ocean, Spain) and T. aduncus (in the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, UAE).


Most dolphin species can produce two primary types of sounds thought to play a role in social interactions: (i) tonal, frequency-modulated
whistles, and (ii) rapid repetition rate “burst-pulse” click trains. As the complexity of bottlenose dolphins’ social organization is only matched by few species, their communication system merits a profound investigation, despite the many methodical difficulties that are inherent to their aquatic life. BDRI' researchers determined in past studies in the Mediterranean Sea (Sardinia, Italy) that vocalization rates are dependent on a dolphin’s behavior, with feeding and socializing having the highest vocalization rates.


The aims of this new studies are: (i) to quantify and describe the entire vocal repertoire of these different bottlenose dolphin populations, (ii) to examine the behavioral context in which specific social signals are produced, and (iii) to analyze the vocal production characteristics according to the different populations in the wild (Mediterranean Sea , Atlantic Ocean and Arabian Sea).


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