BECOME A RESEARCHER FOR A DAY- To all marine mammal enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI), on the North-Western coast of Galicia, Spain! We invite you to join our ongoing study of the behaviour, communication, habitat use and social lives of the amazing bottlenose dolphins. Individuals and families can join our Researcher for a day program. This project offers during one day an insight in the work that our centre is carrying out, about cetaceans research in general, but most important of all – you will contribute to the marine mammals conservation. This will be done alongside one of the leading scientists and at one of the most important centres for bottlenose dolphin research.


Bring your family, friends or group to learn about our work, participate in one research trip or land-based observations, learn how we study marine mammals and be inspired by the dedication of our team workforce.  The Researcher for a day program is divided in 4h of field work with our team and 1-2 hours of explanations on the lab about our research work. All members of the staff speak english as it is the language of the research team. The fee is 80 Euros per person. You dont need to book in advance as the research trips will be weather dependent.


The BDRI’s main work is to contribute to bottlenose dolphin conservation through research. The BDRI is not a professional tourist organisation but a well-organised team of research scientists. Our research is published in scientific journals which is the basis for all the information that we have about bottlenose dolphins today. Hence, knowledge is directly connected to protection and conservation. How can we help something we do not understand? In order to spread this information, the BDRI has understood the importance of public awareness.

This is where you will play a big part.


You will be one of the important people who will leave this centre with a real perspective of bottlenose dolphins and the ability to spread the knowledge about these very often misunderstood animals.


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It is a great satisfaction to have truly interested people help and learn with us, that with the time here understands the real meaning of our work. The BDRI Volunteering program is focusing on public awareness regarding bottlenose dolphin’s research and conservation. Besides gaining hands-on experience and helping in our work – we believe that the true help of a volunteer is to gain understanding.

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So, if you want to be a part of this unique experience and are a person who is interested in going abroad and obtaining hands-on experience in dolphins research, boat based field work, intensive training while having fun and meeting people from all over the world, then you should consider to participate in one of our programs.


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