Field Research Courses in Marine Mammals Science.

FIELD RESEARCH COURSE 1001: Monitoring coastal bottlenose dolphin populations


This training course provides an in-depth, hands-on immersion into the field of marine mammals science and more particularly bottlenose dolphin research. This Field Research Course surveys an extensive amount of information, theories and on-going investigations concerning the different methods available to characterise the status of a coastal bottlenose dolphin population.


This course also contains various hands on boat based and computer exercises. The variety of subjects approached on this course offers a broad view of applied dolphin field research whilst providing students with the tools and practical experience needed for a greater understanding of coastal bottlenose dolphin populations and their conservation, as well as deeper insight into behavioural research concepts and methodology.


Lecture topics include: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology of Bottlenose dolphins, Sighting methods (boat-based surveys, line transect surveys, land-based surveys), Mark-recapture methods, Bioacoustic methods, Behavioural sampling and records (states vs. events), Conservation of bottlenose dolphins, Stranded cetaceans, BDRI’s Current Research, Statistical analysis, computer orientation (use of GIS, fin-recognition software packages for photo-identification, sounds analysis software, and databases), guidelines for creating scientific posters and presentations.


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